Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hang It With a Strap.

This time away from a standard 9-5 has given me chance to get back into a few of the things that I enjoy or would like to do more of. While at work on a few occasions I would spend lunch brake viewing and learning about banjo playing from the daily frail master himself Patric over at Tangier Sound. Now I can actually spend time learning and play along with it were at work I just watched and that was that.... Anyway, so I need to get myself a banjo strap and since I no longer have spare change available cause of the current circumstance I had to do what I preach to "fix it up, wear it out, make do, or do without" so I happened to clean out my closet and was getting rid of a few belts and it came to me to just make a strap and of course I have a few good ones to choose from so I had to make more than just one....
I decided that I must use this one... I think I will name the ol' banjo 'lil miss Earl'

here is the second one I made I just liked the ornate work on the belt so it was hard to pass up.

Detail* I decided to use jute twine as an accent detail on the leather ties that I used to hold the strap to the banjo. I like how it gives it a bit of a rustic detail. Good Fun!

And now she hangs on her own.

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