Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The wind of Change.

Going to be gone for a few weeks as I am working on a new project that is opening a new chapter in our life. Will share more details soon. Till then go make something.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Collection: Headwear.

Recently finished building a few 'Driver' style hast out of grey wool from my good friend Mr. Glover over at Jonathan Glover Photography as well as for myself.
These are built from a pattern I created based from an old 1970's Levis corduroy hat that actualy has a cardboard brim. The brim I make out of 2 used 32oz. plastic yogurt containers. The label inside the hat is printed on a muslin fabric that I hand tea dyed.
The hat below is made from a nice 100% cotton brushed herringbone twill fabric. Both are lined in a light weight black poplin.

Will be building more soon as well as offering them in the Redcrow shop if anyone is interested.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mr. Winter

I have to pass on this post from A Time to Get! There are people in this world that just have IT. To some IT may be a nice house or a super rad talent or skill. To others IT may be a hot wife or girlfriend. To me IT is living the creative life you want and the chosen lifestyle. Enter 24 year old 'Mr.Winter'. This kid has IT, the job, the cars, and THE SHOP space. Now just the story of how this post came about it fun in it's own sense. It also shows that when we suck up and are willing to open our mouths and talk with complete strangers that awesome things can come about. Anyway go check out this post here.

Not only does the dude have the most amazing shop space ever he also makes things in it that are really well done. Check out the 'Mr.Winter' web site here.I hope this gets any of you out there who are lacking motivation to do your own creative thing, whatever it may be, to get out and make it happen.

Now go make something.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The J.L. Stifel Co.

Been doing a little digging around the ol' internet and came upon a good source of information on various fabric mills and companies. One such company is the J.L. Stifel Co. They were makers of denim, drills, and calicoes.

They were founded by Mr. Johann Ludwig Stifel in 1835. A more in-depth overview of his origin and time line of his company can be found here. If you have any interest in vintage workwear and denim then this is a must read inregards to knowing the background of the company that provided much of the fabrics used in production.


Workn' Shirt.

I really like the detail of this shirt. Also as of late I have been really liking the more rounded side seam to flat bottom hems. After I finish building some trouser and jacket patterns I am planing on working on a few new shirt patterns. I think this hem is a winner to go after and build.

Found it here, at workers.


Have A Go On Your Push Bike.

A nice little heads up over at A Time To Get on the early days of BMX. Go big or go home!


Image Archive: Barber Shops IV.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Want: TBC Chukka

I really like the simplicity and rugged look of this Vintage chukka style boot from The Timberland Boot Company, British artisan cousin to all-American Timberland
Available here.

Arts: Cynthia Meyer.

Just stumbled upon the work of Cynthia Meyer. This is what she has to say about her work.

"As far as subject matter, what interests me most right now is the parts of California that are disappearing. Bungalow courts demolished, water tanks torn down, even the cottage down the street won’t be the same when it’s been scrubbed clean and redecorated. And good classic things, like a beloved vintage bike or a favorite pair of sneakers. I worry that all of the things that have been used and loved and lived in are going away. So I paint them."

To learn more about here and to see some of her work check it out here.


Friday, March 06, 2009

Plaid Up Top.

There is a great little image collection on plaid headwear from then and now over at 'A Time to Get'.
Good stuff check it out here.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

What is Your Passion?

I am not the type of person who likes to do just one thing. I guess you could kinda call me a "Generalist". I think I have always been like this, even when I was younger. I remember when asked "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I never gave a one subject answer it was always something like, " A professional football player and an Astronaut and a Paleontologist". Though at times I find myself envious of those that have a focus or a passion on one particular thing. Don't get me wrong I have passion(S) but just one, that is hard for me.

One of those people that I am somewhat envious of, not only of her passion and focus, but also her skill yielding a brush is Taliah Lempert of Brooklyn NY. Her passion and focus is painting Bicycles! yep that is what she does, and she does it very well. She hosts a web site
bicyclepaintings.com that is just filled with her work of both new and old, sketches and works in progress all of one simple subject, Bicycles.
In here own words she says this about what she does.
I paint bikes that are part of someone's life,or have been, or are intended to be. The bike they ride around, race, present themselves with. The right bike for the right situation. It's worn when ridden, locked, or crashed. It’s grimey, sometimes cleaned, sometimes not. How they chose it, how they use it and how they care for it. How each bike looks, develops because of a person. & says a lot. I’m not interested in creating a real scene, of a bicycle in a believable space. I'm interested in looking just at the bike. Like in old pictures, where saints are painted on a gilded surface. Or Pop art, with the subject not in a traditional space but on a flat ground.An everyday object with paramount importance. I like thick thick paint, splash and disregard lines aggressively brushed out and repainted.
I like the fight in it, I want to make paintings with movement and gesture derived from the bike.
The bicycles that catch my eye and come into the studio open a door to new communities, people, and experience. My paintings are my framework to see the world."
Work in Progress.
Final Painting
There is a lot to see when you visit her site. With something as simple as a bicycle you might think it would start to loose it's excitment after viewing a few of her paintings or drawings but NO each one has personality and is unique so go check out her goods and even buy something from her in her if you want, she even offers a free screen saver download of over 100 of her paintings (P/C only though????)


Image Archive: Barber Shops III.

This past week I have been out of town on job interviews... fingers crossed, and it is Thursday again so here is another post of Barber Shop images.

I have quite a few more so I guess I will keep posting them every Thursday until I get them all on here.