Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pull the Needle Through.

Just building things.... A little here and a little there.
More details later.
Till then,


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chop, Chop...

While I work on trying to build REDCROW and create pieces and a collection that I want to have and wear I feel that it is the small details and focus on craftsmanship that can, and do, set one apart form others out there and graphics and labeling play a big part in that. But since I do not have a large budget or access to major factories or suppliers I find that I have to make do with what I've got on hand or that I can pick up at the local hardware store, which is my favorite place to go for supplies.
Now I know that screen printing is a very simple way of doing a lot of graphics, and I own several screens, but for some reason I have this desire to try and do things that are in a way not simple, such as block printing and stencils for my graphic needs. Now there is a reason that no one uses block prints for the main purpose of labels and brand ID and that is because it is way more time consuming and tedious to build and cut a wood or linoleum block than to burn a screen and pull some ink.
Not only that but a block print is not as consistent in printing, especially on fabric, as a screen. But the look that a block creates, to me, is awesome and very unique. So that is what I have been playing with, building myself various block prints.I have been using MDF as well as soft rubber cutting blocksas my main material for cutting and have started to play with different inks and dyes to find what will work best for my needs.

Here is a finished cut block of a plaid pattern that I hope to use on a few ideas I have brewing. I made the block using MDF.

And here is the first go on a scrap of fabric. For the test I used watered down acrylic paint, I know not the best 'ink' choice but I just wanted to see if I needed to fix any spots... and it was right there so I just grabbed it.
I still plan to burn a few screens to get smaller and cleaner detail than what I can with a block or stencil but till then I am enjoying the discovery of playing with 'alternative' printing.

Now go build something fun yourself.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Round: REDCROW Denim II

About a month or so ago I built a couple pairs of denim trousers. I did a little post up on one of the pairs but have never gotten around to sharing about the other, the R4001, till now.

This pair I used a few navy bandannas for the pocket bags with a reinforced inside lining. Also used the bandanna as an inside waist band trim. They are a full button fly with hand sewn brass 4 hole buttons. They are a rigid unwashed denim and the fit is a standard or straight fit.
As mentioned before, they are still not exactly were I want them to be in regards to fit so doing a little reworking of the pattern. Will share more when complete. I also plan to use the final pattern and build a pair of twill khaki trousers since the fit I am working on is something that I want to have as a khaki as well.

What fun things are you working on?

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Gathering of Images: Los Angeles.

At the end of Aug I was able to go down to LA for a few days for work and do a little shopping and exploration of my old stomping grounds. Here are few random images that I gathered when I was down there. In a way there is kind of a theme.... Well, if nothing more I was inspired for sure. Just wanted to share...Enjoy.

What a great end of the 3 days, a nice sun set to ride off into...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Push Push..

At the end of Aug. I took a trip with my little family and we went over to Spokane Wa. to hang with family for the weekend. While driving around town I cough a glimpse out of the corner of my eye something that looked familiar and had a kind of child like feeling. Something old. Something that every little boy dreams of having... if they are into cars that is.
Slamming on the brakes and in the middle of the busy street I could not help myself.....
Unfortunately the joint was not open so I could not talk shop with the owner of the place so I spent a few minutes and shot all that I could through the glare of the large windows that faced the street. It is funny that I wanted stuff like this before I had children now that I have two boys who both show interest in cars I want them even more!

Have a good weekend and hope you have some fun adventures even if it is discovering a random shop, alley, or trail in your neighborhood. Remember only you can 'make it fun'.


Something to Think About….

A well-to-do young lady was complaining to her guru and he answered her back saying,"You speak as if luxury and comfort were ingredients of happiness, whereas all you need to be really happy is something to be enthusiastic about!"Anthony De Mello

So what are you enthusiastic about?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hat, Tie, & Apron

Found this image of a few pieces I built at the beginning of 2009.... Wow to think we only 3 1/2 months left. I wonder how I am doing on my goals for the year. A little here and a little there, just keep moving, right.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr. Glover & His Ford.

My good friend Mr. Glover has been working on re-building himself an ol' Ford shoebox. It is coming along and starting to look awesome! Nice stance, Nice Chop, and Nice body work. It really is the little things that make all of the difference.
He keeps a running tab of the work that has been done over on his Blog. Check it out here.
Super stoked for him and the progress.