Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chop, Chop...

While I work on trying to build REDCROW and create pieces and a collection that I want to have and wear I feel that it is the small details and focus on craftsmanship that can, and do, set one apart form others out there and graphics and labeling play a big part in that. But since I do not have a large budget or access to major factories or suppliers I find that I have to make do with what I've got on hand or that I can pick up at the local hardware store, which is my favorite place to go for supplies.
Now I know that screen printing is a very simple way of doing a lot of graphics, and I own several screens, but for some reason I have this desire to try and do things that are in a way not simple, such as block printing and stencils for my graphic needs. Now there is a reason that no one uses block prints for the main purpose of labels and brand ID and that is because it is way more time consuming and tedious to build and cut a wood or linoleum block than to burn a screen and pull some ink.
Not only that but a block print is not as consistent in printing, especially on fabric, as a screen. But the look that a block creates, to me, is awesome and very unique. So that is what I have been playing with, building myself various block prints.I have been using MDF as well as soft rubber cutting blocksas my main material for cutting and have started to play with different inks and dyes to find what will work best for my needs.

Here is a finished cut block of a plaid pattern that I hope to use on a few ideas I have brewing. I made the block using MDF.

And here is the first go on a scrap of fabric. For the test I used watered down acrylic paint, I know not the best 'ink' choice but I just wanted to see if I needed to fix any spots... and it was right there so I just grabbed it.
I still plan to burn a few screens to get smaller and cleaner detail than what I can with a block or stencil but till then I am enjoying the discovery of playing with 'alternative' printing.

Now go build something fun yourself.

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Jonathan Glover Photography said...

Dude...the plaid block is sooo awesome. Good work!