Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Final Touch

Above is a few pics that I did of the finishing touches of a pair of 501's that I took in through the leg for a young man at work. (he has since moved on to a new and possibly better place of financial support)

It has been a while since my last writing. I have been super busy with several projects not only at home but also at my current place of employment. I have got a lot to share. I have been working on a big project for Christmas and I have been taking heaps of pictures so I can show how I did it all. Not so you can copy but so you can be inspired and do your own project... or if nothing else dream about it. But I will keep that until after the holidays. So stay tuned.
Till then Happy Holidays!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Stand Still While I Shoot.

So the internet is a friend that just keeps on giving.... And give she has so many times.
Well, today I sum how ended up here and inspiration was found.
Look at these fotos they are so great... Why are they great? I will tell you.
I think they are great cause, well they just are... OK, so I like the lighting and the use of black and white foto background. I know it is nothing new and has probably been done a million times but when you like something you like it. nuff said. enjoy.

One Needs Music To Dance.

For a short while I have been sharing my thoughts with Quinn about style and what not of various bands and movies. I must confess I have started to watch movies more for the styling than the story or to be entertained.... Thought I guess that is my form of entertainment to find great style and insperation while wittling my time away watching the lives of others on a screen...
Anyway. So I want to share in the next few days weeks or months my favorite best dressed bands and movies.

Lets start with bands today.
In no order but the order of style.

No Killers video but you can watch sum here.

The Kinks

I think I will update this regularly. And if anyone out there, if there is anyone that reads this silliness has any suggestions please comment. Thank you for your time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just Take A Little Off The Side.

Here is the finished product of my new favorite fit. "Shoe Cut".
Notice how it covers the laces (well if my shoes had laces)

See not to slim. Not to wide. Just right.

Working at the ironing board

Finishing the "selvedge" of a pair of 501's for a guy at work.

A Cut For Ones Footwear

So I started to alter all of my trousers. As you might have noticed around town that the style of the lower half of ones body that is being worn by a bunch of blokes is getting tighter and tighter... ? Well I am not a big fan myself but I think that a slimmer look just gives one a more refined style. So I have started to mess around with the trousers that I have not worn for a while because of the wider and looser fit. The pic (yeah for camera phone) above is a sketch of sum measurements that I have started to follow for my fit. Not to tight and not to big. Just right. I have called it a "shoe cut" fit cause I do not like the peggin of ones leg and like Jon and I have always said "it has got to cover the laces"! (23cm @ knee to 24cm @hem)
I have also started to offer my services of my trusty shears and thread'n needle to those around me that have faced this very dilemma in their own closet of having trousers they enjoy but have just fall'n out of their desired fit style.
I will post sum of my work on these projects in the future.

Mr. Browne

There is a nice article on Refinery29 with Mr. Thom Browne. I really enjoy what he is doing and his take with men's wear. It is nice to see some one who stays with in the bounds of classic tailoring but makes it his own. I really enjoy his comment when asked about his design process and if he uses inspiration boards.

"I don't use inspiration boards. I take inspirations and almost forget…like looking at a picture and immediately looking away, and that five percent that you remember is that thing that is the most important. How it becomes mine is because of that 95 percent that I forget."

Refinery29 also has a nice video interview as well. Check it.

To see his latest line go to He also did the first season for Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Collection.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Joseph Cornell

While playing on the ol intro-net the other day I went for a visit to Mr. Lord Whimsy and his little word posting site. He was talking about his adventures at the ARBORETUM and mentioned how he likes enclosed environments and Joseph Cornell boxes.
So like a good little internet user I googled the name and found out more about him.
There truly is something wonderfully about creating a small world that you can place on a shelf or wall and look at and enjoy when ever you want.

The Tools Of The Trade...

I am very excited! I just got my first Tailors Thimble...
The other day I went to down town LA and went on a hunt for sum fabric and to find me this very thimble. Going down town is an adventure in and of itself. After running around for a few hours I made my way to B.Blacks & Sons. Once I found the right size (size12) I was so stoked!!!
It is amazing how important this little piece of silver from England is to helping one do their work. It has a nice weight to it and it just feels so right when I put it on. I hope to have and use it for the rest of my life.
In the future I hope to share more on the tools that I haveand my adventures in learning more about the art of Tailoring.