Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Cut For Ones Footwear

So I started to alter all of my trousers. As you might have noticed around town that the style of the lower half of ones body that is being worn by a bunch of blokes is getting tighter and tighter... ? Well I am not a big fan myself but I think that a slimmer look just gives one a more refined style. So I have started to mess around with the trousers that I have not worn for a while because of the wider and looser fit. The pic (yeah for camera phone) above is a sketch of sum measurements that I have started to follow for my fit. Not to tight and not to big. Just right. I have called it a "shoe cut" fit cause I do not like the peggin of ones leg and like Jon and I have always said "it has got to cover the laces"! (23cm @ knee to 24cm @hem)
I have also started to offer my services of my trusty shears and thread'n needle to those around me that have faced this very dilemma in their own closet of having trousers they enjoy but have just fall'n out of their desired fit style.
I will post sum of my work on these projects in the future.

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