Monday, June 28, 2010

R/Co Project: Littlecrow Patterns

Finished up the last of a few patterns needed to be built out for the Littlecrow Collection project.
If you have ever tried following a store bought pattern to make something for yourself, then you know that they are not always the most easy thing to work with. Now if you have never made your own pattern from scratch then, well, you just are not living....  I think everyone should try their hand at making a pattern at least once, if for no other reason than to really understand how much goes into making something as simple as say, a tee shirt. It is more than you might think....

"Keep 'em Flying"


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sometimes you just need some sprinkles!

Have a good weekend.


Monday, June 21, 2010

R/Co. Project: LC Stacked.

The hardest and most frustrating thing about designing and building your own fabric based goods is the very real lack of good sources and suppliers, particularly yarn dye plaids, on the open retail market. Yeah you can get fun little 40% off coupons in the mail to go to crapy-anns but then you go and it is just, well, crap.
So this past weekend I made the rounds to all of the local retail shops looking for some suitable fabric for the show coming up for Littlecrow. I don't know why I even bother to go sometimes... But after a few days search, and a nice sale, I was able to come away with a few good chunks of alright fabric. Now if only I could afford to do the minimums with a good fabric sourcing agent then we could be in business. Oh well, maybe one day. For now it is dig, dig, dig, for the scraps and make do.

Oh yeah, Happy Go Skateboarding Day!
I have not pushed around on my usless wooden toy for ages. finally bombed the nice long hill out in front of the garage. nice and mellow and super fast. It is so strange growing old with different perspectives and different goals than when you are younger. I still am working on not growing up, just growing old. I was never caught with out a skate, ether in my hand or in my car at all times.(still keep one in the boot!) It felt good to push today. Still can kickflip as well... old man!

Go out and have a push yourself.
& remember it's up to you to Make it Fun!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

R/Co. Project: Littlecrow for Thaw

Been invited to participate with the littlecrow collection in the thaw collective indie kids fashion show on july 10th.... Have not spent a lot of time working on Littlecrow since moving to the P.N.W. so it is really exciting to be getting back into exploring what fun things can be built for the 'lil ones.
It is so much fun seeing how random ideas slowly, or in this case... quickly, fall together to form a cohesive collection and looks.

Been staying up way to late building new patterns for the collection. Can't wait to see how much I can put together for the show.
If your in town on July 10th spend a little $, get a ticket for you and your family drop in for some fun and support a great cause, HDSA.

Back to the chop chop...


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

R/Co. Project: Canvas & Ink

One of the pieces that got thrown together in the very early morning hours of the day I went to get judged for the design comp put on by Seattle Magazine, was this "hardware store" style apron.  I think it helped push the judges over the edge and pick REDCROW as one of this years winners. 

Made from tea dyed 10oz cotton ducked canvas, double needle construction with a two color stencil that I sprayed with cheep .79 cent paint from, where else, the hardware store. Didn't actually put on the graphic until about 10 min before I had to leave the 'ol garage for the judging... Decided to put the pencil and notebook pocket down low so it would not get covered up by the logo print on the front.

Keep it clean...


Fly 'Em High...


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sit Back.

The past week has gone by in a worn out blur. The 9-5 is killing me right now with super late nights with no sure end in sight....
looking forward to just doing nothing for a minute. Not sure when.

The Farm Chicks show was really fun and I hope to post up in depth soon, when I get a breather for myself.... Now that I think about it I have not posted up any of the thousand images I shot when in NYC all of 2-3 months back...

Oh yea, stumbled onto this the other day... Love the how to stuff on making things that you use on a regular basis, in this case your own surf wax. Check out more interesting moving images about making things that get pushed by some nice swells over at

Well back to it. Hope your weekend is a good one.

Keep 'em Flying.


Friday, June 04, 2010

Go'n On A Weekender: Farm Chicks

The Family and I are heading Northeast to Spokane this weekend to check out the Farm Chicks Antique N' Craft show shindig thing. Never been. Looks fun. Stoked to get out of town for a few days. More info on the show here. Hope we find a few choice things.

Go on, take a drive and see where you end up...


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Everett on Monday.

Memorial day weekend is a great kick off to summer time activities and since I had the day off my family and I decided to hit up the Everett Washington seattlerod-tiques car show. It is not the best show we have ever been to, especially when compared to the shows my wife and I would hit up when we lived in SoCal. But there were a few rides, well pickups mostly, that struck our fancy. One of them being this 50's GMC pickup.

The big disconnect with this show is that anything is allowed in...