Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Everett on Monday.

Memorial day weekend is a great kick off to summer time activities and since I had the day off my family and I decided to hit up the Everett Washington seattlerod-tiques car show. It is not the best show we have ever been to, especially when compared to the shows my wife and I would hit up when we lived in SoCal. But there were a few rides, well pickups mostly, that struck our fancy. One of them being this 50's GMC pickup.

The big disconnect with this show is that anything is allowed in...
We are true believers that anything after '65 is, just, well, not our cup of tea.
Take this here Ford V8 '30's pick up and right next to it...
a 2005 Chevy HHR??!!! What! It is white and stock! *Sigh* oh well it was something to do on the rain filled day off from the 9-5. My little Boys were stoked so that was fun and made it a good little get away. My oldest (age 3) who I have been calling 'HotRod' for a while now, he even found one that was just his size!
Chopped and Channeled 30's Ford pickup. He just stood there in awe for a long time. Had to drag him away! He woke up on Tuesday, "dad, we saw cars yesterday, huh?" Kid has gas in his veins, I guess.

A bit more from the day.

Old guys do rule and the logo on the back of the jacket says it all, 'Thursday Night Garage Assoc.'

Also shot this peddle fire engine at an antique store in town.
In the rest of this country Summer is well on it's way, but up here in the Pacific Northwest, they summer doesn't start till sometime after July 4th, or something like that.

Hope your weekend was some good times.


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