Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Round: REDCROW Denim II

About a month or so ago I built a couple pairs of denim trousers. I did a little post up on one of the pairs but have never gotten around to sharing about the other, the R4001, till now.

This pair I used a few navy bandannas for the pocket bags with a reinforced inside lining. Also used the bandanna as an inside waist band trim. They are a full button fly with hand sewn brass 4 hole buttons. They are a rigid unwashed denim and the fit is a standard or straight fit.
As mentioned before, they are still not exactly were I want them to be in regards to fit so doing a little reworking of the pattern. Will share more when complete. I also plan to use the final pattern and build a pair of twill khaki trousers since the fit I am working on is something that I want to have as a khaki as well.

What fun things are you working on?

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