Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Steam is Rising.

First off to all the American folks I do wish you all a nice Labor Day, a closing to the summer days. I have many good memories of this weekend while growing up. One of my favorites was when I went up here for the weekend when I was a junior in HS. Also, there was always good sales for ski equipment and the color on the trees up in the hills start to slowly drift to orange red and gold. A sign that snow is soon on it's way! I am so excited for the crispness in the air that has fallen upon us here in the Great Pacific Northwest. Had me a cup of hot chocolate and sum toast... A delicious treat for the days ahead.

My last post I was headed down to LA. Upon my return I found that all of the sudden I was just keeping myself very busy with projects and life that I did not make the time to sit down and do any posts. I hope to post heaps in the next few days of my travels and works, but no promises.

With that said I have posted up some goods found on my intro-net cruising of the last few days over on the weekenders site. Go on over and have a look here.

Now go get busy building something fun for yourself.

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