Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Collection: Headwear.

Recently finished building a few 'Driver' style hast out of grey wool from my good friend Mr. Glover over at Jonathan Glover Photography as well as for myself.
These are built from a pattern I created based from an old 1970's Levis corduroy hat that actualy has a cardboard brim. The brim I make out of 2 used 32oz. plastic yogurt containers. The label inside the hat is printed on a muslin fabric that I hand tea dyed.
The hat below is made from a nice 100% cotton brushed herringbone twill fabric. Both are lined in a light weight black poplin.

Will be building more soon as well as offering them in the Redcrow shop if anyone is interested.


Chocolate and Steel said...

those are awesome and even more especially awesome that you used yogurt containers. can't wait to see those in your shop

A TIME TO GET said...

Hey there-

I LOVE these hats. Any chance on letting me put them on my site? Great stuff as usual, but these are really great. You know, I've been looking for a hat for a while, but I'm picky and feel like nothing fits me right. Maybe one of these? Where is the shop?

- cheers