Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Whale of Dry Goods.

I have been keeping myself busy the last few days....
Recently completed a sign that I planned to do before we even knew that we were going to have another son. It has been sitting on my drawing table for some time now so I had made time to get it finished and here she be. No reason for being other than the fun of it. I really enjoy having an idea and following through with it.... even though in this case it took me forever to complete. Getting things done feels good!

I used old wood that I found at our place in LA and cut the shape out with my jig saw, stained the face painted her up and then went to town with pocket knife and sandpaper to give her some worn in 'love'. She hangs with a bit of wire that I have. Nothing perfect but the human hand is not perfect and it is those imperfections that give it caricature and keeps you humble. Maybe in a way it gives you reason to try again, try to do the next project better than the last..... Go make something!

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