Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Do What You Can.

On Thur. last I was released from my position as the men's designer at Vans. Not something I was expecting to happen.... but is something like this ever expected? They were very generous with offering me a severance package that they did not have to offer so for that I am greatful.
Huh. Well time to crawl through a few broken windows of opportunity and see were the next chapter of my life will take me.

And with that I have started to put together and design a small collection for Redcrow. I am not sure if this will be a collection that I plan to try and sell to a few shops or if it is to be more of a portfolio builder to try and open a few of the those windows that I mentioned earlier. I know for one thing that the short time that I have been blessed with is just that a blessing to really look at my life and goals that I have and re-evaluate what it is I want to do to take care of and support my family. I know that Fashion is what I really want to do not just design sportswear for some action sports company but really design fashion... to be apart of a fashion company to learn from a designer to know how an actual fashion house is ran and what it is that they do on a day to day basis so that I can do that same thing for my own line in the future...*sigh* So we shall see what might happen and were we as a family might end up. I will keep ya posted.

So with that out of the way. Today I have been sketching ideas like a mad man trying to stick to a schedule that I have made for myself that involves getting up at 5:30am (which I have not been able to do yet, snooze is such a curse) so I may have a few hours to myself before any one else wakes up then at 8-8:30am I get Aiden up and fed and play time with dad which is nice since I did not have that before when I had a 9-5, well more like an 8:30-6... then when I put Aiden down for his nap around 10:30am. I then have till about 5:30pm to focus on more work (online job search, design/sketching, pattern making etc.) while Meg takes care of the kids. At 5:30pm I take back over and we do dinner and family time then bath and bed. Then I wind down and plan to start again the next day. WOW what a day.

As I plan to make patterns for the line that I am doing I decided that I need to make my work table in the garage more functional so today I built a platform with wheels so I can move it around and it makes it higher so I do not have to bend over so much! super stoked on how it turned out.

Ok bye.

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