Monday, July 12, 2010

R/Co. Project: Hanger

For some reason I am just never satisfied with what you can go out and buy so like most things pertaining to what we are doing with REDCROW it is only natural that instead of using readily available hangers I had to go off and build some....

A long piece of 3/4" thick wood, a skil saw, a wood rasp, sandpaper and not enough time on my hands and we are ready to go to work late into the night...

Have this old wooden hanger that I like so decided to start there for a pattern to build from. Of course made a few modifications to fit what I was after.
Sketched it out on a scrap of Oak Tag and was ready to go.
Lay out the pattern on the wood.

Set it up and chop chop. (side note: A band saw would be a much better tool to cut out the hangers, but don't have one... yet.)
All cut and ready for some shaping and honing.

After the hard edges are softened up a bit with the wood rasp time to go in and smooth it out with some sand paper.

Once nice and smooth time to add some color to the wood with some dark wood stain. I love this part cause it really brings out the grain of the wood and its unique caricature.
Once a little dry to the touch a little more sanding and then it is time to add some wire for it to hang from.
Since it is a lighter gage than what I would like (all I could find at the hardware store. Not an easy thing to find.???) So had to twist it together to try and add some strength. On the underside took the bottom of the wire and hammered in into the base so no loose ends and more security.
Bend the wire into a hook shape and call it a night as you got yourself a fancy little hanger that is "hand built with machines", but mostly just hand built.

Building useful things that are way cheaper to buy already made, is super fun... Go on give it a try. Your friends will laugh at you and call you crazy and your clothes might not hang just right, but you will always be stoked to pick up them off the floor and hang 'em on something you made...

'Keep 'Em Flying'



Jonathan Glover Photography said...

nice work! Love the photos

Redcrow said...

Thanks! Still working out the foto thing. Need me some JGP to get up north and do some foto work, proper like, and make R/Co really shine.