Wednesday, July 28, 2010

R/Co. Project: Push Project

You never know what you got until it is gone, Right?...
Since moving away from SoCal to the P.N.W. I find that to be so true when it comes to some summer time beach action. When we lived down in Venice Ca. we would be at the beach almost every Saturday and most evenings / nights after the 9-5 and thought nothing of it. Even though we now live in a state with a full west boarder that sits right up in the Pacific Ocean it is well over an hour drive to get to that coast. This sudden obsession and longing for the single fin wave sliding is just killing me. It does not help much having a wealth of online content to fill ones days with images, posts and video of others having slide time while the closest body of wetness to us is a big ol' lake or a large salty sound... that has... tides...??? Enter my other water board sliding activity that filled no swell days at the aft mentioned beach time in SoCal... Skim Boarding. I guess when the tide goes out in the sound there is several options of thin pools of funtimes waiting to be had.
When we moved I left all the boards with my brother and went north empty handed. Long story short I miss pushing around on the wet stuff so doing what we do best here at REDCROW in our garage, why not build a wave slider of sorts?
Not wanting to get to far from the real desire of Surf riding decided to build an ohmage to a little fat fish.
Did a little ruff shape'n on the ol computer.
Printed out to size and pasted it all together.

Cut it out.

Lay it out on a scrap piece of ply wood had lay'n around.

Fire up the skil saw and hack out the desired shape.

Put in a little elbow grease and sand her down nice and smooth.

lay down center stripe for some good looks.

Didn't look right so went over it all with a nice wood stain.

Since it is a scrap piece of wood it was used as a base for painting some other goods well it added nice 'artsy' feature to the bottom of the board.

Did a bit more finish work and took it out for a test run...
but that is for a later date so till then go wreck something, and if your lucky go play in sum water.

"Keep 'em Flying"




Great ! i love the shape. Show us the result soon.

tw said...

This is awesome! I may have to try making one myself.

Where do you skim?