Monday, August 02, 2010

R/Co. Project: Shawl Fleece.

 In most of this good 'ol USA it is rost'n and toast'n so a cold weather piece is not something on the mind, but the cold will be upon us again soon so a short while back decided to built a poly cotton jersey fleece shawl neck with a chest pocket and two side seam pockets (can't stand when fleece does not have hand pockets) for when that chill comes creeping back. Also used some hand carved wooden toggle and button that I built out of a wood dowel that was laying around. The Fit turned out a little slimmer than I would like but for a first go I think it's not to shabby. Helped REDCROW be one of winners of this years Seattle Magazine's  Seamless in Seattle design competition.

 More details when you...
Detail of Shawl neck. Note the nice 'distress' look going on did a little experiment with a can of .98 cent rattle spray.

Hand tea dyed muslin ink jet label.

Hand carved wood button on chest pocket flap.

Hand carved wood toggle attached with hand worked jute.

Heaps more fall goods on the way. Check back later.

Now Go play!



patrick segui said...


Redcrow said...

Thank you! More on the way...


tw said...

I dig the wood toggle. Do you sell any of your stuff?

Redcrow said...

Sell a few things now and working on building up more goods that will be posted on our shop soon. Will keep you posted for sure. Thanks for the interest!