Monday, August 09, 2010

A Few Pages

A short while back put together a little layout of some images and graphics for a little booklet hand out.

There were a few copies that I did on hand tea dyed heavyweight drawing paper but they kept jaming the printer so had to go back to the nice color copy paper.

My significant other took charge and put the booklet together by sewing a piece of red string through a few holes she popped through with an awl.

I have been meaning to do a downloadable PDF of the layout. Hope to do it soon when I get some time to build out the actual site. Soon, I will do that soon. Till then I have some new patterns I got to go hack at.

"keep em Flying"



Ness said...

Hi, I would like a copy...

Redcrow said...

Email me your mailing address and I will drop one your way.


Double A said...


I'm a big fan. I was wondering if I can obtain a copy as well. Many thanks!