Tuesday, August 03, 2010

R/Co. Project: Hand Carved Toggle N' Button

I thought I had already posted up the little segment on carving some buttons & toggle out of a wooden dowel... Guess not so here it is.
Get a nice dowel, in this case a 3/4"(19.05mm)

Measure it out on the dowel how thick you want your buttons to be.
Mark it off.

Then cut along the line.

I decided I wanted to do a rim around the edge so marked it off.
Clamped her down..

and got out the rotary tool with the super small carving bit and went to town.

didn't like how it turned out though. so didn't do the rest of 'em.
Instead just got out the sand paper and smooth out the edges and give it some shape.

Next mesured out the length of the toggle and cut.
Note the extra lines, that is were I wanted to taper out to zero when shaping the toggle.

did most of the work with a medium grit sandpaper on a sanding block.

When got the shape I wanted..

marked where holes will go and drilled it out.
The final touch is adding some wood stain and wiping them down.
Note the additional shaping on the toggle that is so when it is threaded it will not stick out so far.
Attached to garment ready for some use...
 Good times!
I know that you could just go to any old fabric shop, even walmart and get a wooden toggle but they are just so mass produced....

Back to it.


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