Monday, August 16, 2010

Northwest Railway Musuem Pt1.

A while back the significant other and I decided to take the two wee ones ones on a little adventure to ride the old rickety rails up in Snoqualmie WA. usa, at the Northwest Railway Museum.  It was wet and fun and very, very rickety.... But filled with rundown history of the rails.

Shot heaps of images with the ol photo shooter and got way stoked on all the amzing worn out box cars, steam and diesel engines along with heaps of great logoing and number 2s (have a thing for the number 2, well 22 to be exact) and since I am way beyond busy with trying to tackle life head on will just do a few post filled with images of the adventure of the past. Who dose not get a little excited when he hears the shrill cry of a train whistle in the distance or the rumble of the monster engine as it passes by???!!! I would not call myself a fanatic but a fan for sure.
More later. Till then...



patrick segui said...

love the feel.....gotta go there for sure .lately i've been planing a trip to Portland via rail .

Redcrow said...

That would be awesome to take a trip via rail. I have always wanted to go on a trip and sleep in a sleeper car on the train. Not sure if they offer that much anymore.
Keep us posted if you end up going for it.