Friday, July 16, 2010

Somethin To Think About...

"If any of you who read this aspire to a writing or illustrating career (*or design or music or fotography or surfing or skating or bmx or anything else in this short but wonderful life) and are looking for guidance, I offer only these few words of advice:
Read everything. Experience everything.
Get to know and like yourself. Build up your own history, then
Persistence is always rewarded and I devoutly hope that it rewards you."

Jim Flora,
Artist, Illustrator, Writer. The Mischievous Art of Jim Flora, By Irwin Chusid & Jim Flora

*My own addition to the quote...


patrick segui said...

discovered flora years ago way before the books while collecting jazz records and always wondered about him.such a genius indeed ....reaped off by many of the so called newbrow aertists such as Tim Biskup.

Redcrow said...

His work IS amazing. It is hard not to want to jump his style for sure. I am a big fan of his patterns and wood cuts. I just love finding great advise from people who just go out and do their thing.


katie hatch said...

i've kinda been over 'inspirationalized"...but this is great. maybe because it is the kick in the butt i need right now... but, anyway....thanks for sharing.

Redcrow said...

Glad it helped. I hope to keep on inspiring others to just create and build things!!

Thanks for dropping by.