Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vote REDCROW for President.

'MrRay' has decided to put REDCROW out there and entered a local contest put on by Seattle Magazine.
Basically the contest is for Seattle Designers to gather up some images and a description of their original work and cast it before a panel of distinguished judges who are part of the local fashion and design community. Make it through the first stage and you get to present the goods, in person, to that very panel of judges. When 'MrRay' wins over the judges by showing those cats that REDCROW has a little gusto and a tight collection of goods, and is chosen as a winner, then there will be a spot on the runway during Seattle Fashion Week in September. Along with that there will be a nice little spread in Sea Mags September issue. Not to shabby of a gig, right?
The fine folks over at Seattle Magazine have also given you good people a chance to let your voice be heard by doing a little online voting for your favorite guy or gal. 
Here is were you all come in. It will take all of 15 SECONDS. Click on the VOTE HERE link below and vote for Tyson Andersen on the left hand column. That's it.

Thank you all in advance and thanks to all those that have already voted. Oh and don't forget to tell everyone you know to go vote as well...
Will keep you posted on the outcome as it is announced.
Till then go make a mess and build something fun.

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