Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Empty That Jug.

A lot of folks have recently been asking about what it is that I use for the brims of my headwear.
Well kids it is nothing more than a few cut out pieces from empty yogurt jugs. 

My boys eat nothing but cheese and yogurt so we were throwing away a lot of empty jugs. One day I thought what can I do with this? Actually it was more like "I want to built some hats but I don't know were to get the brims, what can I use for a brim?"  Why not...right?

How to? Well, cut down the side.

chop off the bottom.
 Chop off the top rim.
 lay it out flat and trace the brim pattern.
 cut it out and there ya go, a nice brim,
 even has a natural curved shape.

Well, back to it.


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