Saturday, April 03, 2010

R/Co. Inspo: Lee Whizit

Just a few images of things that have caught my eye recently

1950's Advertisements.
LEE Whizit: Front view with details.
A few flight insignia used during WWI. This has nothing to do with the Whizit but everything to do with what is bobbing around in the back of my mind right now.
The fun part is not knowing what all this might lead to?...

'Keep 'em Flying'


patrick segui said...

WACO was an aircraft co. who's fame came during ww2 for they built the famous/infamous CG4 glider used for the airborne infantry troops during DDAY and later operation market garden .

Redcrow said...

Thank you Patrick! I love the stories and the details that is found woven through military garb and workwear.