Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hold This, Please.

April means several things such as spring should have sprung with April showers bringing in them May flowers my youngest came into our life in April and me and my significant other, well, we got ourselves hitched 9 years ago on April 6th. Because of obligations with the 9-5 and other project deadlines and whatnot we put off doing any real celebrating of our 9 years together. So on Thursday my folks flew into town to hang with the young ones and we jumped in our motor vehicle and headed North for the weekend. Up to the land of Vancouver BC Canada. I like it here.

When I was in NYC shop'n around I found a really cool card holder that was made from leftover chunks of selvedge denim. They wanted an arm and a leg for it so I sketched it out to remember it by and added another pocket to make it better and built my own. Had to mess around and build a pattern first then chop up some fabric and stitch it all together.
I finally got around to using the new Brother sew'n machine my significant other got me for Christmas. Kid runs smooth.

Well off to see the town in the daylight of a new morning.


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*jOsEpH* said...

I believe u don't know you are an inspiration for everyone who reads your blog. Everything you do makes me smile and make an O in my mouth, because you make art, make an spirit I wanna reach. I would like become somebody like you, but actually i don't expect so. Sorry, i'm spreading dull words.
Go on please, 'cause i go too.