Sunday, April 25, 2010

R/Co. Inspo: Random Images.

I have been meaning to share all of the images from my NYC trip but I took heaps of pics so it is taking longer, I will get to it soon.... I am a little late to the show with the whole page jump option on this here blog, it took a little mess'n around but I finally got around to figuring it out and having it work. I now hope to post way more images in a nice tight layout that will not fill the front page with an overload of images...Way stoked!

Anyway, while dig'n around through some of my archived folders on the desktop, I figured why not post a few up and mess around with this page jump thing and see how it works. So after the jump are a few images that I have gathered a little while ago from various books borrowed from the local library. So go ahead and click below and let's check out this fancy jump option...

This page jump stuff is kinda fun....
As you might have noticed there is kind of a western theme a brewing. Way stoked on the last one of all the US Rail Road logos. Good stuff.


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