Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Put a SPiN on It.

One of the biggest things I miss the most about my former place of employment, besides the awesome people I worked with there, was the daily 'Paddle Battles' between me and a group of co workers. I miss it man, I miss it a lot.

Over a year and a half ago I built my first table tennis 'bat' and shortly there after built a case to carry my weapons of choice. Since finding myself in the PNW I have not had any opportunities to play. Though this past weekend I almost brought home a very worn out table, but alas I passed for I know that there are better 'fish' in the sea. I have found a few local clubs here but they are little pricey. So I need to find someone that has a table so I can play! That is the biggest down side to this sport is you can not do it on your own you need a Challenger.

Recently there has been some hype about this beloved sport of Table Tennis since some dude up in a big white house on the east cost of this here USA decided to get a table for him and the family to play on.
Also the opening up of SPiN New York, a club/bar/Table Tennis Mecha, has got a bit of media attention with the support of Susan Sarandon and Fred Perry.
Rub elbows with the pretty people while getting hammered on by Pros from around the world! Sure why not! My next opportunity out to NYC I most definitely plan to hit up this place.
The concept of the place is also part of the brain child of a Jonathan Bricklin and crew,a few film kids from NYC that make, Um 'yoga' videos. They also have been working to make the 2012 us Olympic table tennis team. Not sure how they are doing but from a few web edits out there it seams like they are getting much better than when they started. If you live in the NYC area and have a chance to go, please do, and let me know how it is. It looks a little too 'hip & Cool' for me but still would be fun to check out.

If interested here a few links about Table Tennis.
Paddle Palace

Now go do something fun!

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