Thursday, July 02, 2009

Keep the Mill Turning.

Stumbled upon a denim company today that caught my attention Anytime you mix the past with a new product you have my attention. Well enter Amoskeag XX Coveralls. Apparently in the 18th century there was one of the first denim mills in America called Amoskeag mill that used the power of the river to drive its weaving machines. Got me interest. Well during the great depression the mill slowly shut down. Enter today and the name is brought back to life in a modern denim and apparel company. I like that they offer in their knit shirts a clean version and a well worn version. I am still wondering when someone will figure out a way to build a good quality "heritage" denim and put it up for a reasonable price... Well if you have the $ and want to check em out go here. And for more info go on some of what they are up to go here.


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