Thursday, July 09, 2009

Mr. Robbins.

There are certain things in life that come and go, and then there is music...
When I was in my grade school days my dad use to wake us up for school by blasting the sound track of "Oklahoma", Ya I know... But the song of choice was 'Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'

At about the same age that I was rocked from my nightly slumbers with Oklahoma I discovered in my dads records and tape collection his Marty Robbins "Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs" and I fell in love with the songs and stories that Mr. Robbins shared. I played that thing over and over and over again. There is just something great about guys running around with a 'big Iron' strapped to his waist and a song to go with it. Something you just don't hear from modern bands.

My favorite song from this album had to be 'Cool Water'. I don't really know why, there was something about it that just got to me. I remember hiking around up in Alta UT looking for old silver mines with my Dad and just singing this song as we climbed around in the rocks and tree line.

Enter the high school days and of course this music 'sucks' for no other reason than it was not what my friends listened to or what the cool kids played. So following the herd I all but had forgotten about such great tunes as this.

High School mentality is so funny! Who cares what music you listen to as long it gets you stoked or whatever... Come to today and my long forgotten friend is back with me. I have been wearing out my copy of this and his other albums and like I said up top things come and go but then there is music. It just stays with you and like an old friend it will be there for the good and the bad and will wait for your return. I have returned. I know there is great new bands and music out there but as I listen to this stuff I just long for more. Do they make stuff this good now? I don't know, but for me Mr. Robbins sure gets me stoked. And maybe the reason that I like this style of music is that it brings with it nostalgia of a different time, an older time, and a simpler time were boys dreamed of becoming real cowboys.

My favorite song right now has to be this one. Enjoy.


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