Tuesday, July 14, 2009

West of Here.

This past weekend I finally made it out to Ballard to do a little shopping and exploring. My main focus was to get to BlackBird. I have been a fan of their blog, web site and the goods that they carry for a very long time and have been wanting to go to the actual shop forever! So I finally did it. They were having a nice end of season sale, but alas nothing caught my eye or tickled my fancy so no exchange of funds passed hands. But I really enjoyed being there and will definitely drop in again, sooner than later, for sure.
I then spent a few hours just wandering the streets and getting a feel of the place. Below is a few images that I thought might be nice to share. Enjoy.

Super stoked on this record shop. But here again no purchases, mostly because I do not currently own a record playing device so it would do me absolutely no good to make any transactions... yet. But I was filled with great excitement with the digging over historical pressed memories and sounds. This place is just filled with history.
If you ever make it up north make sure to have it in your plans to drop in on the city of Ballard, WA.


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