Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't Forget The Phone.

Last week I went down to Salt Lake City for work to hit up the Outdoor Retailer Show and while I was there I had a chance to try out the camera on my new mobile phone. I am super stoked on the quality of the images. Really the whole reason I got the phone was because of the camera options. I look forward to messing around with it a lot more. Though I do not think I will ever be at the level that Nick rocks with his phone camera nor does it have the features he uses but I still like it. In fact I just love having a camera with me at all times cause you never know when something is going to catch the eye and being hooked on collecting images I find that sometimes I would rather just take a picture of things than buy it.

Here are a few pics that I took with the Samsung Rant mobile phone while in SLC.
New Message
New Message
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SLC Rail

Hope to post better images in the future. Till then go out and mess with what you got and remember that it is up to you to make it fun!


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Chocolate and Steel said...

wow! very cool. I love the picture of the door. I can't believe that you took that with your camera. You are a true artist turning everything into art.