Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rummage & You May Find.

The last two weekends I spent a few hours digging around a local rummage sale and thrift store and came away with a few treasures all under $30! So I have to share my finds.

Wooden Rocking "Dog" $2

Child's Rocking Chair $3

Child's wooden Chair $2

Old Story Books $.50 each. I plan to do a little deeper overview of these book finds in a coming post. So check back soon.

Old Toy Cars 'n Trucks $2 for the lot.

An Old Woolrich Coat $1... Now this was an awesome find! Yes a $1. I know a real 'steal' if you ask me.

And do not forget the $10 grill!
$10  FIND!
Had to do a little clean up work by scrubbing the inside with a wire brush and giving it a nice new coat of High Heat Paint but now she is as good as new! And she fired right up with the first go.....

I love the hunt for awesome treasures. The key is going out and just seeing what you can find with no pre-set plan. It is so much fun to see what you come home with.

Go out and see what you can find at your local thrift or charity shop. And good hunting.



theinvisibleagent said...

That old Woolrich is an amazing find! It looks brand new...does it have the map pockets in the back?


Redcrow said...

Yes Sir. it sure does!
I still can't get over the fact that I got it for $1...
I purchased one a while back in LA and it cost $95 and it was very 'loved'.
This one I do not think was worn much if even at all......