Thursday, May 15, 2008

Custom Chop.

This week at Vans we had our product launch for Spring 2009 were all of the reps from all over the world come together and get educated on the new product. They usualy have some type of "give a ways", free stuff like tee shirts and hats and stuff. Well this time around they gave out lap top cases. So here is what it looks like.

Well I got a idea to make it more use full. So out came the scissors and the sewing machine and now it looks like this.

It is a new case for my table tennis blade!

I have been rocking my blade in the bubble envelope that my rubber order came in from Paddle Palace way back in February cause I did not have a case.

And now I have one, a one of a kind (untail some of the folks here who play at work decide they want one) Vans paddle case. Thanks Vans.


Glover Photography said...

Very clever my friend. Paddle looks great!

TraMma Built said...

Hey Thanks, it is a win / loose relationship to say the least... But man do I love it!