Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Want: Red Wing Boots.

I have been seeing a lot of 'heads up' on Red Wing boots. Though the style that most of them are talking about I am not so much a fan of, they do have quite a selection that I find myself longing to place upon my own feet and do some walking, hiking, and just plan man work. Here are just a few that tickle my fancy.1911 Gentleman Traveler
1907 Classic Lifestyle
8113 Iron Ranger
8111 Iron Ranger
595 Mens Chucka

Check out Red Wings current collection here.

*side note*
I do find it quite interesting how traditional workwear has become so popular... Now when I say this keep in mind that I use 'popular' loosely coming from the trenches of menswear fashion found along the coast of the good ol' USA, the mens trade rags, and so called 'hip' blog sites. With my recent relocation to a somewhat rural town in Utah I find that I am now in the midst of people who have been rocking this stuff all of their lives working on their farms, ranches and homesteads. I wonder how they feel about it? Whatever they feel this is what is so exciting about fashion taking things that are comen and making them something special or very interesting. I am actually quite excited to shop feed sores and thrift shops to fill some of my fashion needs. Since I am not able to afford the fancy designer versions of workwear, with no steady income coming in right now, I am quite content spending what I can on the actual OG brands and doing my own little pinning, tucking and tailoring alterations to make it fit just as good or better than the expensive stuff. Now don't get me wrong I really like what brands like Engineered Garments, RRL, and Earnest Cut and Sewn are doing and if I could I would own pieces from them but for now I will look to them for styling and then make it my own with what I got....
Long live the rugged style and mans need for workwear!

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Isabel Fernandes said...

These are so good! I appreciate that you guys also talked something about my favorite boots "Red Wing Boots" & share your thoughts
Big Hugs X