Monday, December 22, 2008

A Final Run. Part II

After I hit up Melrose Ave. I headed down to Abbot kinney in Venice. I love this street. For the first 5 1/2 years of our Almost 8 years here in SoCal. we were locals living a few blocks form this street. A lot has changes since we lived there but for good I think.

The first shop I hit up was Steven Allen. He Started out in NYC and has quite a few shops as well as a show room there. I really liked the why they have been decorating for the holidays. It is a nice small little shop.
Further down the street is Stronghold. This is an old denim brand from the early twenties. They offer custom made goods (like how Ernest Cut and Sew'n does in NYC) You choose your fabric and the fit and what kind of hardware you want and is sewn for you in the neighborhood. They also carry other brands of goods but all must have been established before 1920 or 30. I like the layout and feel of this shop with the dark wood and 1920's tunes playing over the speaker system. It feels like a place that you want to hang out in. As I walked up the owner walked out with a bunch of pant patterns and then the shop manager walked out so I had a chance to shoot the inside with no one around so I had to take advantage of it. Enjoy.
Well I have to end with a nice sunflower that I found in the back of one of the shops.

Right now I am in 5ft of fresh as it keeps falling from the sky. I will miss the shops in LA but I think this move will be quite the adventure and exciting to see were it will take us.

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