Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Build: Surf Sign

Now that the 'ol work bench is built and I have a place to start making messes again I decided to have a go with some more wood work. This time making some signage. Now this is a long post because I took heaps of images through out all of the steps of the build. From paper pattern cutting...

...all the way to being hung in the office at the 9-5er.
This is also my first go at shooting everything with my phone camera. Not the best images but good enough to share the building process.

So started out with the idea a while back and finally got around to going after it by finding a good font that I liked.  Printing out nice and big on 11x17 paper and cutting em out for a templet to follow.
I have a bunch of plywood around the new home that has been out in the yard for a few years by the looks of it. This is the base for the letters and the layout. Did the layout to follow the grain of the wood so when I comes time for sanding and paint and whatnot it will work nicely.

After all ruffed on the wood got out the trusty scroll saw and clamps and went to town.

I have to say the height of the work bench is spot on. I did not have to do as much deep bending over and that was great on the old back. Anyway.
after all cut out the real hand work begins by ruffing it up with a wood file and sandpaper.

laid down a few ruff and sloppy coats of red paint for effect and let me all dry over night.

final hand work with wood file and sand paper and it is starting to look like old barn wood. The file is great for adding texture. But the amazing part was adding a coat of dark wood stain over the whole thing and now we are talking...

Attached the letters with some tacks and wood glue to another long piece of wood that was worked over and "aged" as well, even added a bent nail for effect.

Let her dry and hung her this morning in the office.

Well, I hope your weekend was productive and that you are taking advantage of your free time to build something for yourself, be it for fun or monetary acquisition. Why not have a go with something you have never tried before? That is my favorite thing just going for it and making it up as you go along. Sometimes it works, some times is doesn't but you never know unless you roll up the sleeves and have a go. This time I lucked out and it worked for me on this surf sign thing....

"keep 'em Flying"


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