Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekend Build: Work Bench

It has been a long while since the dust has been flying with a home project. Our current residence has been missing a work table in the garage so spent a couple bucks at the local hardware mega store and picked up some wood and screws. Ruff sketched some plans on a scrap piece of paper and went to town building an 8'(2.4m) long 2.5'(76.2 cm) wide 43"(109.22 cm) high work table. Shot a few pics throughout the build.

finished table in it's new home up against the back wall.

Of course no project would be complete with out some kind of R/Co. logo stencil action...

Well we are now heading towards the tail end of this here work week. Time to start making plans for the coming weekend....
Need to finish setting up the work space so can really roll up the sleeves and get to building things. Like more of those wallets folks have been asking for...

"Keep 'em Flying"

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