Tuesday, October 05, 2010

R/Co. Project: Piston Tee.

 Huh, summer sure did come and go...
Been super super busy with all sorts of projects and recent travels including a quick jot down south to the 'ol home town of LA. ( more on that later) So needles to say I am way behind on sharing all the goods that have been built over the last few months. Such as this here tee...
At the beginning of summer built this graphic tee. All hand cut from stencils and hand sprayed to apply the ol' grafx.... Fun times.
A little detail of the back graphic.

If anyone out there is interested in one hit me up and I will pass it along.

So what have you been up to?



Lorenzo said...

I'm certainly interested.

Love the blog. Love the imagery.

Redcrow said...

Mr. Lorenzo,

Thank you for your interest.
Please drop me an email and let's go from there.
Thanks for following the blog.


john-erik.forsberg said...

"Mr. Ray",

I think the Tee is great and the craftsmanship aspect is fantastic. Nobody seems to get their hands dirty anymore, and when you find pieces that have an attention to detail and imperfections that only come from the hands on process, you marvel at the beauty that lies within it's simplicity.


john-erik.forsberg said...
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