Monday, October 25, 2010

Native Inspo.

A while back I had picked up an interesting photo book from the local Library and scanned a few amazing images, unfortunately I do not remember the title of the book or who it was that shot them but I wanted to share. When you get a moment click on each image to get a bigger size and better detail. You need to take a closer look and get inspired! What am I talking about? Well first off when growing up playing with the neighborhood kids we would play "cowboys & Indians" I would always be the Native. When I got into high school I still had a great interest in Native history and culture and would spend time building native crafts or going to Pow-wows in the summertime. But what is so awesome about these images? I just love the way that the Native Americans took the White mans apparel and made it their own. I do not glorify their situation, being that these photos were taken during the early days of the reservations, but I find such inspiration in their use of what they have received, ether by trade or by supply, and infused it into their established style. 
Take a close look at the bead work on the man's blanket!!

Great Plaids!

What out there gets you excited about style, art, or life? What about when you were a kid? Has it changed? Why?......

"Keep on keep'n on"

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