Thursday, October 21, 2010

Somethin To Think About...

Closed Doors, Meet Packing, NYC 2010
I have been skimming through a book I picked up from the ol' Library and came accross this story.....
(Harold... as a patient of a nursing home, would spend his days painting and smiling... ) Harold, "You know, when I was a young art student just out of high school, I wanted to open an art gallery. My father wanted me to be a dentist instead. Well, I spent six years getting through NYU Dental School, hating every minute of it and wishing I owned my own art gallery instead. I wanted a career in art, not pulling teeth. but life plays nasty tricks. First came the Depression, so I drilled teeth to make a living. Then came the war and the Navy needed dentist. When I got back I had a wife and two kids to support, so I pushed aside my dreams of an art gallery and resumed my dental practice. When I hit 50 I figured it was time. My kids were on their own and I had money in the bank. My wife called it mid-life crisis and my kids thought I was insane to give up a lucrative dental practice to open an art gallery. So for the next 20 years I continued to push aside the idea of my own gallery and drilled more damned teeth. Well now I'm 73 years old and too ill to start an art gallery so I paint instead. You wonder what happens to all the years and all your dreams...."
                  Arnold S. Goldstein, "Starting on a Shoestring"

I am sure you get the picture.....

Keep on keep'n on.

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