Sunday, October 24, 2010

TV Time!

I am not really a fan of television programing. I do not totally avoid it but usually when  I get sucked in and it is finally turned off I feel like such a waste.... There is so much to do and build and create that TV just sucks away some valuable time with nothing to show afterwords. So for me to get really excited about some TV is not a regular occurrence..... Untail today! A while back I caught wind of some major television programing that had taken place across the "ditch" on BBC1.
SHERLOCK! Oh no not just another remake of the original stories set to film but an updated 21st century version of the detective and his crime solving adventures! The first episode premiered tonight in the United States on PBS Masterpiece Mystery and it was fantastic! I am a fan! I could go on about the writing, the acting, etc. etc. but why? Just watch the show if you get a chance or do what we all do now anyway and google it and find out all you want to know. Looking forward to next week for some more....

Well back to reality. Hope your weekend was swell and the coming week is even better!


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