Tuesday, May 25, 2010

R/Co. Project:Arange Them Dots

A long while back put a hole punch to some card stock and built a stencil and did heaps of experiments to try and get a bandanna, something that I have wanted to build for a long time. Tried the wax, tried the paint and well nothing was quite right... well instead of trying to do resist style why not try the remove the color instead?

Took the stencil gave it a coat of enamel to help it not fall apart so fast.

 Put her down and gave it some misting of 1 part bleach/ 2 part water.

Gave it a rest for a while to get some color out.

Testing for how long to let it sit.

When the color looked about right, on both sides, tossed it into a bit of white vinegar and water.
Rinse it around to stop the chemical discharge'n.

Hang it up to dry 

fold and use it any way you like... good times.
When spraying the stencil had a little over spray over the edges and was planing to roll over the edges and topstitch, to get it nice and clean, but everyone that has had a chance to peak at it like the over spray look?...

Back to it.


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