Sunday, March 21, 2010

R/Co. Project AW10:Chop n' Pound.

The sound of hammering has been filling the chilly early spring nights here in the REDCROW garage in the Great Pacific Northwest. I am working on a few ideas that I have been wanting to try for some time now. One is for a print that involves a pattern, some hole punches, and a hammer. This is to build the stencil. Then some fabric, wax and fabric dye to make the print.

Not sure if it is going to actually work. But the stencil has been pounded out and the dye has been purchased. So now to get dirty and see how it goes....

Also been using the hammer on some old nails that I have been meaning to use. It is not easy to pound out a round shape on 1/4" thick steel, with a regular hammer.
Make'n due with what I got.

The chop of the fabric shears have been mixing in with the pounding to cut up the latest obtained fabrics. So all in all things are happening. Oh, and I will be 31 on the 22nd day of this month of March. How about you, what are you building? Remember a little here and a little there and somehow it all comes together.... I guess.


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