Tuesday, May 04, 2010

R/Co. Inspo: 2 Button Military Henly.

Got heaps on the plate to get completed so just wanted to share part of a big ol' shoot I did of a bunch of military items that I was able to borrow for a while.
The first one to share is...

of a wool / cotton blend jersey knit with really great overlock stitching

and a nice well made front placket.
Nice big and deep with fine 'cat eye' or 'fish eye' melamine buttons.
Super great details, including the nice shoulder panels. 
I really like that the sleeve seam is on the top of the sleeve and runs all the way up to the neck seam.
Back View.
Oh yea, this here piece came home to the states with a bunch of goods that got purchased a few months back at a surplus shop in Germany.

Back to the gind...More goods later.


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