Sunday, May 23, 2010

R/Co. Inspo: Early Surf.

As I have been working on putting stuff together for the little local shindig that we entered a while back.  I have been thinking a lot about what's next. This is my favorite part of being a desinger and builder of things is the begining of something new. It is so awesome how totaly random ideas spark something that spark something else and before you know it a big jumbled puzzle somehow all fits together.... Have been getting really "Stoked" (sic) on surfing history as of late. So while I was doing my regular dig'n around the local library came across a few good books, one of them being Stoked.
Pulled a few things out of it that caught my eye...

Something about activities that have some kind of early history that really catch my attention and I find heaps of inspiration from. Not really sure where this will lead, just gathering ideas right now. The story is coming together.

Find your stoke!


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