Tuesday, May 18, 2010

R/Co. Project: Jingle Them Keys

Tighter fitting trousers make putting your motor vehicle and house keys in the front pockets a little bit of a challenge or a bit uncomfortable. Have been rocking the keys hooked to one of the belt loops with just a regular 'ol carabiner that I picked up on one of my trips to the OR show. Not the most interesting, if you ask me, so being that I like to muck about with things I went on and built a fancy key chain.
Picked up a nice hook closure and a key ring at the local leather supply shop in Sea town and went on and dug around in the garage and came up with a nice length of leather suede that I purchased about 5 years ago on my first trip to Hong Kong.
Unearthed a few wooden beads that I have had since High School and a couple of brass beads that I traded for at the Mountain Man Rendezvous at Fort Bridger, Wyoming, back in 1996. Also came across in my bag of Mtn man/ Native Crafting goody bag a couple of spent .22 shells that I shot a poor bird with, also back in high school... wow! about time I used up this stuff,since I graduated way back in '97.

 Anyway, did as I like to do, and mucked up the clip and ring with a little sandpaper and a top coat of spray enamel then follow up with a bit more ruffing up with the sandpaper.
The suede was not the color I was looking for so used a bit of wood stain and gave it a little color update. Looped the suede around the ring, popped on the wooden beads and tipped the ends with the brass beads and .22 shells. Not to shabby, huh?
Well of course that is just not enough so pulled out the railroad track end, torched a nail and pounded out a ruffed up "disk".
I have these here embossing letters so gave it a go on the heated up metal and, well, not perfect but got the message out.
Fun times!
I really do enjoy pounding on some random metal pieces the frustrations that build up with daily life....

How's your projects?
Go pound out your ideas!

'Keep em Flying'


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