Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tunes: Johnny Horton

When I was in Junior High I had a State/US History teacher who would play this song every morning by a true classic American singer, Mr Johnny Horton. ...

My teacher was an all American, Blue Blooded, cowboy boots, hot dogs, apple pie, baseball kind of guy. In fact I think he was one of the few people who really got me excited, at a young age, for the history of this United States of America. But the best thing was he saluted a life size cut out of John Wayne every day before he started class..... Classic!Anyway back to what I wanted to share, Mr. Horton...
He has many fine tunes that are about the birth of this Nation and the events that took place...
from a tune about Jim Bridger , the mountain man.

The battle of wounded knee.

Us Civil War Southern Boys and the Confederate Soldier, Johnny Reb.

The battle of Bull Run, the first battle of the Civil War.

And the search for gold in Alaska, the 49th State of the Union.

Anyway good stuff, fine tunes and a little peak of US history through music. Give 'em a listen to and you might even find a toe might start a tappn'


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