Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Archive: US Navy N-1 Deck Jacket

I had the opportunity today to get my hands on a vintage USN faux fir lined Canvas Deck Jacket. This piece is so awesome. From the round shaped collar with collar tab. The Talon zipper. The miss matched and replaced front closure buttons. The amazing patina of the fabric. The covered knit cuffs at the sleeve. The contract printed canvas inside neck label. Amazing Amazing Amazing! Since this piece is way out of my meager budget.... oh, and not for sale anyway, I had to settle with shooting it with the ol' D80 and getting to archive the details here. Enjoy.
I love history and how it was worn and being able to document some of it is just awesome. Dream job to do this every day.... Well at least a little part of dream job for sure, maybe one day?...


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patrick segui said...

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