Thursday, November 01, 2012

Wooden iPhone 5

Working on a few projects right now and one of them involves the I phone 5, which I do not currently have in my possession. Not sure when or if ever...

So like most things around here if I don't have it might as well make it, and make it out of wood. Jumped on the 'ol intro-net thing surfed around for a few and gots me the dimensions of the #5 and went to town on some old wooden fencing. A little elbow grease and we have a fine example of a modern convenience without all of the convenience and technologies. No calls, no web surf'n, no instagram. just wood.
More on the purpose later.
Well back to it... Hope your week has been productive and positive....
 If you are back east "god's speed" and we have you in our thoughts and wish you well.
>>>--"Keep On Crow'N--->

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