Monday, September 19, 2011

Cover That Point.

As we have slowly settled into our current abode it has take'n me ages to get the shop space set up. I recently cleared a few more boxes and have set up the ol industrial. Late last night on a whim I decided that I need to have a cover for my scisors in my kit bag.
Busted out a ruff pattern.

Fired up 'MsGreen' and proceeded to build a leather cover for them scissors.

It feels good to build something from idea to finished product all in one go.
So often than not an idea is sketched out. A pattern or two built. Construction begins and then things get left in various state of completion as life steps in and does it's thing. Not this project.

Also stoked to finally have a little work space built out to help get some of those silly ideas out and into projects....

Hope your weekend was a good one and that your week is starting out on a good foot.

"Remember the Golden Rule"

1 comment:

Fruity said...

Nice job - but that ain't a cover you've built there - that's a *holster*!