Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Times They "RR" a Change'n

In case you have not heard, I guess RRL is now live online and open for all to buy....(?)

Personally I can't afford any of it, but I do take my hat off to the folks over there doing the web stuff. They sure did do a fine job representing the look and feel of the RRL shops via this here digital media thing. Go check it out here.


patrick segui said...

i was your trip to SF by the way !??

Redcrow said...

It was good! Been meaning to do a little post up on that. Thanks for the heads up on places to visit and shop.

r_bot said...

Much agreed, the RRL web design is really great! I've gone back several times to look at it, and showed other folks as well. Prices are more than a bit steep for many of the items made in some place called "imported" though.

Glad yer' posting regularly again!